Tip Taman Negara – A quick view before you come

Tips Taman Negara – You Should Know Before You Go ∴


(1) Park Entry Permit and Photographic Licence

park permit
Park Entry Permit

You may require a park entry permit (RM1 per person) and Photography License (RM5 per camera) before you did any trekking & tours in Taman Negara. Park entry permit is valid from your 1st entry to last day you leave. Photography license is valid for a month. of course, if you stay more than a month. You can renew your permit. Both license you can apply at the park headquater – Wildlife Department. The office located before Mutiara Taman Negara Resort and Kuala Tembeling Jetty before you on board to a longboat. If you wish to shot a video for public documentary show or Tv program, you need to apply another license at Wildlife Department Headquater, located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. You may need to write a letter about your video shooting.

The Wildlife Department does not allow any fishing activities being carried out within the park’s area any longer . But however , you can still do fishing at the Tembeling River ( A river at the border of Taman Negara ) and you do not need any permit for that .

Park Entry Permit – RM1
Photography License – RM5
Fishing License – N/A if you fishing at main river
Camping Fees – RM3 per night

In year 2013 that is a new rules on Photography License. If you use a smart phone with camera device, you should apply the photography license.

(2) Something you should Concern

Keep our Jungle Clean

“Take nothing but pictures , leave nothing but footprints “ Give hands to us in conserving the forest .If you’re planning you trek deep into the jungle ( keniam’s Trail , Tenol’s Trail or Tahan Moutain’s Trail , please don’t mind hiring a licensed nature tour guide . They have plenty of experience in the jungle to share with you and also to keep you out of troubles.




(3) ATM & Money Changer

There are no ATM Machines or Money Changer in Taman Negara nor Kuala Tahan . You are kindly advised to bring enough cash before you leave to Taman Negara . Some resorts accept credit card with 3-5% service charge e.g: Han Rainforest Resort , Mutiara taman Negara Resort , Xcape Resort. Some tour desk or hotel owner they willing exchange currency with you, but the rate don’t expect good.

(4) Leeches / Blood Sucker


Leeches on any rainforest walk, the subject of leeches invariably comes up. Actually, you may not encounter any of these slimy little vampires while walking through the Malaysian jungle, but if the trail is leafy and it’s been raining, chances are you’ll be preyed upon.



(5) Floating Restaurant

floating restaurant taman negara
floating restaurant taman negara

There are about 10 floating restaurants operating along the river bank. They offer local Malay foods as well as Western foods . We would personally recommend travellers to try to visit Tahan Corver Floating Restaurant , Mama Chop & Family Restaurant. Please bare in mind that no beers are for sale on the floating restaurant. Local drinks like coffee , milo , tea might be a little bit too sweet for foreigners so you might need to request for less sweet for your drinks.Average money spent for a simple meal is around RM 12- RM 14.

(6) Bear & Alcoho Drinks

99% of the local people in Taman Negara is Muslim. Looking for beers in Taman Negara can be quite hustle . However , there are still places where you can get a few cold drinks from – Local Mini Market ( Located infront of Teresek View Motel )
Rainforest Resort , Xcape Resort and Seri Mutiara Restaurant . Beer doesn’t come cheap and handy in Taman Negara, so you better get your stock filled up at the town, Jerantut before heading to there.

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