Taman Negara Activities

Kuala Tahan is one of the famost entrance to Taman Negara. Here offer a lot of must do activities and the most memorable memories for you to bring home. Out from the city and come to the jungle enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of flora and fauna. From here it is possible to spend upwards of 10 days hiking (Taman Negara trekking trails) through the park totally incommunicado, but many if not most first-time visitors will spend one, two or three days in the park. Our ideal first-time stay would be two to three days. Taman Negara activities are list below. Taman Negara Observation tower is another attraction, beside to sleep in comfort accommodation, you can be more adventurous to stay in the “HIDE”


Canopy Walkway

upstair on canopyview from canopyCanopy Walkway as known is the world longest hanging bridge with  the 45 meters high and 530 meters. Canopy Walkway opened in 1995 and built without using any nail, just tide on the tree.

The forest canopy allows you to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest. If you have not completed the canopy you have not completed Taman Negara.


Visit the Orang Asli Village

Orang Asli Village

Batek Negritos from the vicinity of Taman Negara National Park in West Malaysia are a hunting and gathering people presently experiencing rapid encroachment by the modern world.

Visit the orang asli village, know more on their nomadic lifestyle in the jungle of Taman Negara. Witness their simple lifestyle & have a go at their traditional hunting weapon, blowpipe.


Rapid Shooting or Shoot the rapid



In the hot day, rapid shooting is very recommended to do. Further up the Tembeling river from the headquarters are seven sets of rapids, which provide a thrilling ride when the river is in full flood, but you must be prepared to get wet or for a thorough soaking. Main activities are river rapid shooting and rafting. Get wet on the Seven Rapids & also the gateway to inner Taman Negara. On the way back, the boat will stop you a place for swimming.


Jungle Trekking and Panoramic view of Teresek Hill



There is several trails in Taman Negara to trek. One of the famous trek is Bukit Teresek because the view from there you could see the mountain range and the highest top peak in peninsular Malaysia – Mount.Tahan (2187m). The trail to Bukit Teresek is divided into categories; are the flat and step part. You will begin your trekking from flat part which is not far from the river. hike up this 1,096 feet high hill for panoramic view of Gunung Tahan and the magnificent forest canopies that cover the hills and valleys.


Lata Berkoh - The best river scenario in Taman Negara

otw best river scenario

Cruise along Sungai Tahan to relish the riverside flora and fauna and dip into the refreshing cascades at Lata Berkoh which form a natural Jacuzzi. Along the way, stop by the Fish Sanctuary for a chance to snorkel amongst fresh water fishes.




Tualang Tour

tualang tour 2

Tualang Tour is another attraction or sigh-seeing when you join the Lata Berkoh boat trip. A boat journey of 30 mins before reach at Lata Berkoh (Cascade Waterfall) you may request the boat man to stop you at Tualang Jetty and less than a mins walking distance. Try to stop there for a short visit.

Tualang Tree is the second high tree in the world. In wild, it can reach up to 250 feet and size is more than 20 peoples to surround it.


Night Jungle Walk

tree snake

As most wildlife are nocturnal, the flashlights are needed to view the wildlife that come to the salt lake at night. At Tahan Hide, the chances to spot the wildlife is depends on the noise and number of visitors. The noisier the lesser! However during the normal night, the visitors can easily spot at least 5 to 9 numbers of sambar deer eating the grass, some wild boar looking for worms, the monitor lizards and if you’re lucky, you can also catch a glance at the porcupine as well as tapirs .Even if you don’t see any wildlife, the fantastic sound of the jungle are well worth it


Night Safari

Night Safari

A 4WD drive through a oil palm plantation to focus on small animals like wildboar, deer, snake, leopard cat, malayan civet cat and insects. You will surprise why not drive into jungle but oil palm plantation, because the palm oil fruit will attract a lot of rat and rat will attract predator animals.



Cave Kota Gelangi, Jerantut



A Full of historical Limestone cave located at Jerantut, Pahang. 20min from Jerantut town or 1hrs from Taman Negara. Here you can have an adventure cave exploration. Kota Gelangi cave offer 11 cave for visitor to explore and the most adventure is Elephant head cave, Sanding cave, and dark cave.