Taman Negara Real Inner Jungle

Leave your comfort and be the jungkid!

This will be an adventure trip into the 130 million years old tropical rainforest – Taman Negara, Malaysia.

In the rainforest, we sleep nowhere but in the cave with the low roar of the beast at night. Open your eyes only see candle light and darkness. One day before the trip start, the guide will give you a short brief about the trip, basiclly it’s back to the Flintstones-style.

Taman Negara Real Inner Jungle – Keniam Trail

Keniam trail located around 25KM north from Kuala Tahan village. The trip will take you 2 days and you have to trek around 9KM each day.

keniam trail trekAfter declear at the wildlife department or the park headquater, 2hrs boat ride to the upstream, passby 7 major rapid and prepare to get wet. Along the river you will see serveral aborignal village and malay local village. During the trek, local tour guide will give you an explaination about the used of herbs, animals footprint and so on. Walk in the tropical rainforest, weather is unexpected but you don’t need any raincoat. You will wet by your own sweat even just 10min short trek, it’s 100% humidity jungle!!


At night we stay in one of the cave – Kempayang Besar cave. It a huge cave like a football field, 10 floors height. Outside the cave have a small stream, it’s enought to was up yourself. Pickup some fire wood, make up a small campfire at night and prepare a candle light dinner with the guide. civet cat 2Keep the cave clean, don’t waste any food and pack it well or else that is some animals come and steal your food. Sleep with sleeping bag without tent, enjoy the enviroment in the cave.

Next day, after trek 2hrs will reach at trenggan river. Rest here and guide prepare lunch, basiclly just simple lunch. You’re allow to swim in the river if the water level is safe. By 3PM-4PM you will come to the main river jetty – trenggan lodge. Boat is waiting here and transfer back to Kuala Tahan Village. Another rapid shooting, prepare to get wet.

At last, “Take nothing but photo, leave nothing but footprint”. Keep our jungle clean.

during trek
During the trek
lunch at sg.trenggan
Stop at river side for lunch








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January 19, 2016
I am very happy to see green. I am very happy that I am away from city. It is a nice place. The activities package offered were not that interesting. They are abit bore and not challenging.So I did the real inner jungle trek with sleeping in a cave. It really gives you a feel for the jungle, as you walk over and under fallen trees and cross numerous streams on fallen logs and stones. it was one life experience.
January 17, 2016
I went to Taman Negara on September 2015. We did normal 3Day Full Board tour, everything went smooth but a bit boring. We decide extend our stay to join the Real Inner Jungle Trip. The inner jungle trail is really experience the jungle. If you wish to come Taman Negara, don't join the normal 3Day Full Board tour. Real Inner Jungle Trip is highly recommended.

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