Self Driving Taman Negara

" Self drive to Taman Negara in an good option. Nowadays you can easily rent a car from Kuala Lumpur  International Airport (KLIA).  With the smart phone technology, you can download offline GPS map to guide you the way to Taman Negara. Along the way to Taman Negara you can make a few stop to explore nearby attraction. 

East Coast Highway map with nearby attraction (Click map to enlarge)

East Coast Highway Map
Router: Kuala Lumpur - Jerantut - Taman Negara Taman Negara located 240KM from Kuala Lumpur city center. Around 3.30hrs - 4hrs drive. First, take the East Coast Highway heading to Kuantan direction. Then take the exit at 819, you will see signboard written Mentakab / Temerloh / Jerantut located leftside at the highway. Once exit from Temerloh toll plaza, take the right turn heading to Jerantut town. Before entering Jerantut town, you will see a T junction and a mosque at your right. Take the right turn and heading toward until you pass Pahang River (Longest river in Penisular Malaysia) then slow down. You will immediately see a signboard Taman Negara, take letf turn. Go straight until you see a signboard with "Welcome to Taman Negara". Once you reach there, park your car either at the public gated car park in Kuala Tahan or within your stay resort compound. Plaza Toll Fees: RM6 (Gombak) / RM3.50 (Bentong) / RM6 (Temerloh) Rest / Toilet point: Lanchang, Jerantut town Food: Old town White Coffe (BHP Petro Station, after 5min from Gombak Toll), Bukit Tinggi (Major Chinese Food), KFC (Petronas Petro Station), Jerantut town

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