Plan a trip in Malaysia

Plan a trip in Malaysia could be very easy. Transportation around Malaysia is very easy access on local transport and the local people are always friendly and willing to help, the more so the further east you go! The best way to see Malaysia.

Something you should know before plan your trip.

1. How long would you stay in Malaysia?
2. How much money you want to spend in a day?
3. Which destination you should visit and explore

Once you know 3 things above, you can start planning your trip

Plan your router

The very basic plan for your holidays in Malaysia. First step you should check on google map for all the destination location. Yes, plan your router in the begining and try not to head back same way to keep you travelling in safe time mode. If time not permitted to visit all your wish list in Malaysia, you should make change or try to take a flight for a long distance travel. If you are a budget travellers, you should go on a night travel buses or train.


On west coast of Malaysia is easy travel by the local transport. But each coast might be a little bit hard. There are some local ground agency organize daily shuttle service to popular destination such as Taman Negara, Mersing Jetty, Kuala Besut or others. is the most convenient to make a bus ticket booking. It combine all the local buses ticket and also agency organize buses. No problem for you to easy moving from a destination to another.

Cheap Local Flight company – Airasia


There are wide range of accommodation type in Malaysia. From the local home stay style to a 5 star luxury hotel. To look for your idea accommodation, there are many room booking website available for you to compare.

Book Your Room online – Instant Confirm

Money & Budget

RM100 daily budget – Dorm bed: RM12–35. Hawker centres and food courts for meals. Use public transport; plan sightseeing around walking tours, free museums and galleries.

RM100 – 400 Daily Budget – Double room in midrange hotel: RM100–200. Two-course meal in midrange restaurant: RM40–60. Take taxis and guided tours of cities and nature sights.

RM400 above Daily Budget – Luxury double room: RM300. Meal in top restaurant: RM200.

There are no problem to find a money changer, bank or ATM everywhere in Malaysia. But still some place have no bank or money changer service, example: Perhentian Island, Taman Negara and etc. Some hotel or the local operator they do accept small amount of currency exchange with a bad rate.


Book a tour

To save money, always book from the local ground agency. It’s cheaper than book from your country. Not hard to find a good agency, just simply do some research in tripadvisor and there are thousand of comment for you to compare.  Most of the tour sell in Malaysia are base on join tour, private tour might request from the agency you contact.


Chill up and relax. No rushing in your holidays…

Plan a trip in Malaysia

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