Places to eat in Taman Negara

There are only 3 eating option: the semi-fancy restaurant at Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, Taman Negara floating restaurant (The raft house on the river), or a cluster of little warungs opposite where the buses and minibuses drop off.

Mutiara Taman Negara Restaurant, offer a wide range of foods & beverages including beers & wines. Most of the food here serve in western style mix with local. The environment is great to dine and especially in the late evening where deer or tapir might pay a visit to the restaurant. A meal would cost around RM 50-70 depending of the type of food you order .

Taman Negara floating restaurant is unique. There are total of 10 “raft house” at the river bank of Tembeling River. The food serve base on home-cooked in a local Malay style. Drinks like coffee, milo, tea might be a little bit too sweet for foreigners so you might need to request for less sweet. Eating in Taman Negara floating restaurant is an good option to “Eat and Meet” with other tourist with sharing experience or exchange travel information.

Taman Negara floating restaurant
Taman Negara floating restaurant

Taman Negara

Floatinf Restaurant in Taman Negara. You should try at least one meals here.

If you want to try the true Malay local food, the warung at the bus stand is a good option. The food serve here is spicy . Price here is slight cheaper than floating restaurant but lack of options . Aloy Friend Chicken is the local famous food which you should have a go. During evening, you will local village are gather here.


There no any local restaurant sell beer. Looking beer in Taman Negara can be quite hard. But there are some place you still can find a cold beer. Han Rainforest Resort, Xcape Resort, and Mutiara Taman Negara Resort have their own mini bar. Even your are not stay in those resort, but they are welcome you have a beer there.


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