Kota Gelanggi Cave is an amazing limestone caves ″Hidden″ in the Jungle

I beat 90% of the tourist who visited Taman Negara before sure don’t know about this place, Kota Gelanggi Cave. Since the Telingga Cave at Taman Negara collapsed in year 2008. This cave started become another tourist spot “replace” the Telingga Cave. Kota Gelangi Cave located 20KM away from Jerantut town, 30 mins drive. 70 KM from Taman Negara, 1 hrs drive. Kota Gelanggi Cave is a name for the place. Actually that is total of 11 cave located at the area and open for public. Separate by 2 category – Easy Cave Tour, suitable for young kids even 4 years old and Adventure Cave Explore. Before doing the cave exploration, 2 important things you have to prepare, touch light or headlamp, and trekking shoe. Guide is needed for the cave tour, if you come yourself, you won’t found the “Hidden Gems”.

Cave condition and details

Be prepare to get dirty or wet. Certain part is muddy after rain. You need use your skill to squeeze into a small hole, climbing, and crawling. This is an adventure Cave Exploration.  You will visit the Elephant’s Head Cave , The Wind Cave , The Elephant Cave and The Wedding Cave . You will get to witness the majestic living minerals in the cave and of course not forgetting the flora & fauna. Total duration 1.30 hrs – 2 hrs For Easy Cave tour that is well platform, no squeezing, no crawling. You will visit the Moonlight Cave, Elephant’s Head Cave.  Total duration 1 hrs

Best time to explore the cave

One day with 2 section. Morning start from 9:30AM and afternoon start from 1.30PM. Recommended choose the morning section, the view in the cave is really nice. You can come here any day to visit the cave but NOT the rain season (December to next year January). You won’t enjoy much if you decided to come at the rainy day.

Things to bring

Touch Light or Headlamp, Trekking Shoe and slipper, First Aid Kit, Gloves (Optional), Extra Cloth for change, Small bottle of water. Note: Minimize your bag as light as possible. Don’t bring big bag with you during the cave exploration.

How to visit?

If you visit by your own, only “Gua Bulan Terang”, “Gua Balai”, and “Gua Tongkat” you might see along the way. Entry ticket cost RM5 per adult and RM3 per child. Most of the adventure cave are “hidden” in the jungle example Gua Kepala Gajah, Gua Angin, Gua Sanding and Gua Gelap you need to join a guided tour and usually it cost you RM35 per person and min 4 people to form a group. Adventures cave always give you an amazing view and worth to do that.

Please bear in mind, every Friday the gate to the cave will closed from 12PM – 2.30PM.