How to go Taman Negara by Train, Bus, and Boat?

Getting to Taman Negara

There is no any direct bus from major city you can getting to Taman Negara. The nearest town to get in to Taman Negara are via Jerantut. From Jerantut you have two option getting to Taman Negara. By bus or by boat. Bus journey are taking 1hrs and all the way are narrow and winding road. By boat  you have to go Kuala Tembeling Jetty can catch the boat from there at 9AM / 1.30PM. Boat journey 2.30hrs - 3 hrs. (Note: Morning boat only available during peak season from Mid of May - September) Beside getting to Taman Negara from Jerantut town. There is 3 more popular destination is easy getting to Taman Negara. From Kuala Lumpur, You can get a direct tourist bus organize by Han Travel or NKS Travel, details is list below. From Cameron Highland, there is a daily shuttle service start at 10AM to Taman Negara via Kuala Tembeling Jetty. You need to request from your hotel about this service or there is many travel agent located near Tanah Rata Bus station sell the bus ticket. From Perhentian Island, only 1 bus depart from Kuala Besut Jetty at 10AM, means that you must leave from Perhentian Island at first speed boat 8AM. The bus ticket usually you could buy from any hotel. If you are from KLIA Airport, you need to hire a minivan which will cost you around RM700 per van getting to Taman Negara.  

Train to Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan)

how to go taman negaraHow to go Taman Negara by train? Jungle train service is already stop in year 2012 and change to new train service call "Express train". There is only 2 train stop in Jerantut which is train come from Johor Bahru and Kota Bahru. Both train will reach at Jerantut mid-night or early morning. kindly check the train ticket at When visiting Taman Negara you need to get off at the Jerantut station and take a bus or taxi to Tembeling town (for the longboats). Many travelers use the train service travel from Taman Negara to Kota Bharu, but now the train already re-schedule to 5.50AM depart. So, you need to hang around jerantut for few hours even you get a last bus from Taman Negara.  
How to go Taman Negara

Bus and Boat to Taman Negara

How to go Taman Negara from other destination? Here will show you the info
Kuala Lumpur to Taman Negara via Kuala Tembeling Jetty Departure: 08:30 am / Arrival 04:30 pm RM 85.00 per person per way (Include boat) Bus Depart: Han Travel Office, Bangunan Mariamman, Jalan Hang Kasturi .view map (Opposit Geo Hotel at Jalan Han Kasturi)    
Kuala Besut Jetty to Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan) Departure: 10:00AM / Arrival : (5-6PM) RM 85.00 per person per way By Land (No Boat journey) You can arrange this transfer from any accommodation in Perhentian Island one day before. You have to take the first speed boat at 8AM to Kuala besut jetty and connecting with this bus service. The bus service will make two stop which is Gua Musang for lunch break and Jerantut for toilet break and ATM.  
Cameron Highland to Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan) Departure: 10:00AM / Arrival : (5-6PM) Rm 85.00 per person per way By Land and By Boat via Kuala Tembeling Jetty You can arrange this transfer from any accommodation or local tour operator one day before. The mini-van will come to your hotel to pick you up. This bus journey will connected to boat at 1.30PM from Kuala Temling Jetty. You must get enough cash in Cameron Highland before come to Taman Negara. Because Taman Negara have no bank, no ATM, no money changer.

Mersing Jetty / Kuantan to Taman Negara

If you are coming from Tioman island / Mersing Jetty. You need to travel to Kuantan for taking bus to Taman negara. Mersing Jetty - Kuantan usually only 1 bus company do the service - Maju Express. From Kuantan there is 3 bus trip to Jerantut which start from 10AM / 1PM / 3PM by Tranasional Express. When you reach Jerantut there is several bus & taxi to Taman Negara. Last bus at 5Pm and last boat 2PM. Route: Mersing Jetty - Kuantan - Jerantut - Taman Negara  

Transfer to / from Taman Negara

Airport transfer

Airport transfer from KLIA / KLIA2 to Taman Negara, Pahang. Journey 4-5 hours. RM750 per van for 7 seat with luggage space
per person

Transfer from Kuala Lumpur

Transfer Taman Negara from Kuala Lumpur via Kuala Tembeling Jetty. Include bus and boat ticket
per person

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