Gunung Tahan – The highest Peak in Peninsular Malaysia
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Gunung Tahan (Mout.Tahan) is the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia

Gunung Tahan is the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia with 2187 meteres above the sea level. Located at Taman Negara, National Park in the state of Pahang. Gunung Tahan’s Crossover Route is possibly Malaysia’s most challenging trek compare with other in Malaysia. It can access by 2 popular route which is start from Sungai Relau, Merapoh for a three-days trek, or trail start from Kuala Tahan about seven-days trek.

The Kuala Tahan classic trail (Kuala tahan – Gunung Tahan – Merapoh) is the oldest, challenging, and most scenic trail. Climbers have to trek across several river and undulating ridges before reaching the foot of the mountain. Climbers without adequate physical fitness or training are not advised to attempt Gunung Tahan. This trail basically is more than 100KM through low lying primary jungle, across wide fast-moving rivers, and up to Gunung Tahan where the rock formations. The trail is muddy bogs and vegetation would look perfectly at home in the Scottish Highlands.

According from the climbers reviewed, Gunung Tahan is arguably harder to complete than the more famous and much higher Gunung Kinabalu (4,095 meters) in Sabah. A seven-days trek, must carry more weight on your back to last you for a week, or longer and you are on an unsupported expedition.

“ The name ‘Gunung Tahan’ translates from Bahasa (Malay) to mean Mount Endure, which hints at the effort required to climb this peak. ”

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Multiple river crossings, rope obstacles, highland ridge line trek, physical and mental endurance are all found and experienced on this trek. River crossings are a mixed blessing: cooling for our poor abused feet, but waist-high in parts and currents strong enough to take you downstream if you lose your footing. A pair of trekking sticks is a good idea to help you keep your balance.

The most important is an individual mental challenge and being physically fit doesn’t guarantee success. A positive thinking will make you success and complete those challenge.

Trails Info & Details

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Camp site distance and height from sea level


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Map of Kuala Tahan – Gunung Tahan – Sg.Relau

Distance between campsite to another campsite. Time Duration and height table – For your reference only


To Duration Height Remarks
Kuala Juram Kem Kor 2 4hr 750m Cross 4 rivers;At Kem Kor 2: Suitable campsite; water available
Kem Kor 2 Kubang 3hr 1406m Walk mainly along ridgeline; At Kubang:Water available; Suitable campsite
Kubang Belumut 35min 1493m Muddy trail
Belumut Bonsai 3hr 1705m Muddy trail
Bonsai Botak 70min 1904m At Botak:Water available; Suitable campsite
Botak Summit 1hr 2187m At summit:Water available for washing but not for drinking; Suitable campsite
Summit Gunung Gedong 4hr 2066m Cross a saddle; Water available after about 2.5hr; Small spring pool, may not be reliable
Gunung Gedong Gunung Reskit 1.5hr 1666m Steep descend
Gunung Reskit Gunung Pankin 3hr 1462m Walk on ridgeline with 3 to 4 steep up and down slopes that requires rope.
Gunung Pankin Wray’s camp 1hr At Wray’s camp:Water source 5min descend on trail to the left side of main trail
Wray’s camp Kuala Teku 3.5hr 168m At Kuala Teku:Water available; Suitable campsite; A lot of bees
Kuala Teku Kuala Puteh 5.5hr 122m 9 river crossings; If water level too high, guide might bypass some of them; Beware of leeches along the way;At Kuala PutehWater available; Suitable campsite; Bees are present
Kuala Puteh Gunung Rajah 2hr 575m
Gunung Rajah Kem Tengah 1hr 379m Water source 10 min, descend on trail to the left side of main trail
Kem Tengah Kuala Melantai 4hr Bukit Malang(27 hills);At Kuala Melantai:Water available; Suitable campsite
Kuala Melantai Resort at Kuala Tahan 5hr

Cross a hill before reaching flat ground. Muddy trails

Photo Gallery of the Gunung Tahan Expedition

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March 1, 2016
Usually porter only carry extra food for you. You can go for 4 days start from Merapoh instead of Kuala Tahan for 7 days.
March 1, 2016
Good information. We are couple from France interested for Gunung Tahan but not a good hiker. Possible to hire someone to help us carry our backpack?

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