Our Memories – Gua Telinga

Our Memories – Gua Telinga, Taman Negara. A place well known for cave adventure.

In past, Gua Telinga is one of the highlight activities in Taman Negara. It closed since year 2008 because the exit of the cave was collapsed. Cave’s structure is not safe for visit. The cave today is less human activities and home again belongs to the wildlife.

Gua Telinga translated literally means ‘Ear Cave’. It name Ear cave because of the cave formation which resembles a human ear. Squeeze through the underground river tunnel, dark and narrow. Thousand of bats flying above you and other inhabitants like the cave racer snake, millipede, centipede and giant toad can be found in the cave. Gua Telinga located 2.6 Km from the park headquarter., around 2 hours trek or 40 mins from the Blau Jetty.

pathway to cave

More greenery on the way to the caves, hidden deep in the thick forest.

tualang tree

A big Tualang tree can be spot on the trail

gua telinga 2

A small entrance with a 80 meters rope guide you the correct way pass through the cave

Gua Telinga

You couldn’t exactly tell how many bats were around until you used the flash on the camera, and then you realized that they’re basically all around you.

gua telinga 4

This is actually one of the larger caverns in the place, leading to some ridiculously small openings through which we had to squirm and contort our bodies. Here you can see the bats from the close distance. Tree’s roots from the surface are breaking in the ground and come to the cave.

Note: You may enquiry this trip from the local tour guide. Some guide willing to organize but only exploring the cave halfway and turn back. Bear in mind, explore at your own risk.

There are many interesting caves in the park other than Gua Telinga. These have mostly been scupltured by underground rivers flowing through limestone outcrops. From Kuala Keniam Lodge, visitors can explore the Gua Daun Menari, Gua Luas and Gua Kepayang. The caves are located in isolated area of the park, 2.5 hours boat ride form Kuala Tahan then proceed for 3-5 hours trekking. Joining a 2D 1N overnight trip you could explore all those cave.

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