Gua Kota Gelanggi – Adventure into a “Hidden” Cave
Gua Tongkat

Gua Kota Gelanggi – Adventure Cave Exploration

Gua Kota Gelanggi is located in the district of Jerantut, Pahang. There are no any public transport to get there beside by taxi or tour bus. Signboard is not clear on how to get there and the caves is hidden in jungle. It is not recommended to go without a tour guide. You might be get lost in the jungle or in the caves network.

The cave system here is unique and offer a lot of challenging route. It is interesting that the caves can link from one to another. All the caves here has it’s own unique look like, space, size, and level. One of the caves are known as wind caves (gua angin) where it is always windy in the cave and Dark Cave (Gua Gelap) is an underground cave.

Don’t expect that is proper walkway or stair case in the cave. The management of this site, Felda try to keep the cave in nature look like, untouched and suit to eco-tourism. You have to walk on the uneven ground and rocks as well as some climbs once in the cave. According to the officials, in 1998, there were excavation works carried out at this spot and also the neighboring caves where some artifacts were have been discovered.

shell in the cave
Shells in the cave
gua angin outside
Excavation works








The limestone formation in the cave are magnificent, and cave complex alive with unique flora and fauna. Some damage on the crystal rock and the cave is well keep and smell free. During your cave expedition,  slipper is not allow to wear as you need to walk on the stone with sharp ages and it is a bit chill when the wind blows. Hiking shoes and a torch light are definitely required to explore the caves. A hand glove shall need if you don’t want to make some scratch on your hand or finger. Most of the time you need to grab on something to balance yourself during entering the cave. What ever you bring into the cave, especially the mineral water bottles, must bring back and do not leave them in the nature. Keep clean.

Limestone Formation
Limestone Formation
limestone in Gua Sanding








Adventure caves router are from Gua Kepala Gajah (Elephant Head Cave) – Gua Angin (Wind Cave)  – Gua Gajah (Elepant cave) – Gua Sanding (Wedding Cave). All 4 cave can be complete within 2 hours or less, depend on weather condition. The best time to visit is afternoon, you can have a great view in the cave such as sunlight ray (Check my top image). Certain part of the cave you need climbing, squeezing, or crawling. But no matter how big is your size, you still can fit into the cave, all it’s depend your skills.

Photo of Caves view

gua kepala gajah
Elephant’s Head Cave
wedding cave
wedding cave








outside cave
Outside Wind Cave View
Gua Kota Gelanggi
elephant cave








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January 28, 2016
incredibile grotta. la pena di visitare. visita: 12 Gennaio 2016

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