Taman Negara’s river is plentiful of freshwater fish populations. Fishing is a very popular activity at Sungai Keniam and Lata Berkoh. They are the most popular spots for fishing while the more placid waters at the lower reaches of Sungai Tahan are also known to be teeming with fish.The best times for fishing are February, March, July and August. The kelah fish, known for its speed and agility can weigh as much as 20lbs and offers an irresistible challenge and terrific fight when caught by even the experienced angler. fishing

LATEST - Fishing Taman Negara

A few years ago, the Wildlife Department that manages the park have converted the area into a fish sanctuary called the Kelah Fish Sanctuary so FISHING is now NO LONGER ALLOWED along Tahan River. This is due to the indiscrimate fishing by anglers throughout the year endangering many different species of fishes almost to extinction especially the Kelah species. Nowadays many tourists go there to feed the abundant Kelah fish that are protected there besides enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is fun and a joy to see a school of fishes (quite big size) chasing for a bite of feed thrown at them ! Note: Wildlife Department do organize a fishing trip at Tahan river once a month. It base on caught & reliese. Please enquirt at Wildlife Department Taman Negara. fishing_lodgeHowever, ask the local nature guides there to find out which locations where fishing is still allowed. To avoid disappointment or a fine, do contact the Wildlife Department for further details. Be aware that you may be penalised with a fine for fishing in the wrong place or at the wrong time. The "Fishing Lodge" as shown  is in a BAD condition ever since it was damaged by lightning and weather many years ago from what was told by the local guides there. Up until today, practically no maintenance was done. And now it's gone after the flood at 2015.