Taman Negara Travel – If you ever have the chance to hike in a tropical jungle, take it! There is no place more lush, more exotic or teeming with life. Of course, jungles also come with danger to match their amazing biodiversity – so I don’t recommend plunging in unprepared. Use the following tips to make sure you come back safe, full of stories you can tell for the rest of your life. Dressing for the jungle means long pants,

There are only 3 eating option: the semi-fancy restaurant at Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, Taman Negara floating restaurant (The raft house on the river), or a cluster of little warungs opposite where the buses and minibuses drop off. Mutiara Taman Negara Restaurant, offer a wide range of foods & beverages including beers & wines. Most of the food here serve in western style mix with local. The environment is great to dine and especially in the late evening where deer or tapir might pay

Best Time to Come Taman Negara Rainforest in here, we got another meaning, “Rain for Rest” The climate in Malaysia is generally hot and humid throughout the year. Malaysia only have 2 season which is dry and wet. Daily temperatures range between 22’C – 32’C. This also same in Taman Negara. Febuary to June Rainfall usually at night but still the best time to come Taman Negara. Because less visitor in Taman Negara. Easy to get room and spot for