Gunung Tahan (Mout.Tahan) is the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia Gunung Tahan is the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia with 2187 meteres above the sea level. Located at Taman Negara, National Park in the state of Pahang. Gunung Tahan’s Crossover Route is possibly Malaysia’s most challenging trek compare with other in Malaysia. It can access by 2 popular route which is start from Sungai Relau, Merapoh for a three-days trek, or trail start from Kuala Tahan about seven-days trek. The

” JUNGLE TREKKING OFFERS AN UNFORGETTABLE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE VISITOR TO EXPERIENCE FIRST-HAND THE EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTY OF NATURE AT ITS BEST. EACH TRAIL PROMISES A DIFFERENT ADVENTURE, YET ALL ARE EQUALLY FASCINATING. Taman Negara Trail A number of visitor to Taman Negara will ask about the trekking, hiking trails. Taman Negara offer serveral trails from 2 hours to 7 days trek, easy to harder. Below is the Taman Negara trails map, you can get this easily from any tour desk

Leave your comfort and be the jungkid! This will be an adventure trip into the 130 million years old tropical rainforest – Taman Negara, Malaysia. In the rainforest, we sleep nowhere but in the cave with the low roar of the beast at night. Open your eyes only see candle light and darkness. One day before the trip start, the guide will give you a short brief about the trip, basiclly it’s back to the Flintstones-style. Taman Negara Real Inner