Cameron Highlands is one of the popular summer resort by the local tourist. Cool breeze weather, steamboat dinner with friends is recognized as the best by most of local tourist. You have to try it.

Cameron Highlands located in Pahang state. To the north it's boundary touches that of Kelantan and to the west it shares part of border with Perak. Easy access from / to : Penang, Ipoh, Taman Negara, Kuala Lumpur, lumut and Kuala Besut. Most tourist attractions at Cameron Highlands lie within the major townships of Brinchang and Tanah Rata. You can travel casual or adventure, just choose what you want! Don't miss out the largest flower in the world - Rafflesia. Many thought Rafflesia is only found in Borneo and Sumatra. But it also growths here in the wild. The mystery flower is a unique plant.
Rafflesia bud
Rafflesia bud










cameron highlands

 (1) Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estate

Opening: 9:00AM – 4.30PM
(Monday Closed except for Public Holiday)
GPS Location: 4.521016, 101.401327



One of the mordern Boh Tea Estate in Cameron Highlands. You can see how is the tea processing in the factory, and enjoy tea at the tea shop. A definite must on the list of things to do in Cameron Highlands is a visit to Sungai Palas and Boh Tea Gardens.


mossy forest cameron

(2) Mossy Forest

Location: Sungai Palas Estate Road
Entrance ticket: Free




The forests of the high mountains of Cameron Highlands are able to strip moisture from the clouds, hence referred to as ‘cloud-forests’ or ‘mossy-forests’. Here the general appearance of the forest trees tends to be dwarfed to about 10m tall.



(3) Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm

Opening: 8:30AM – 6:30PM
Location: 3KM away from Brinchang town. Along the main road opposite the entrance of Equatorial Resort



Here is the best option for Family travel. Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm offer hanpicking strawberry, kid will love to do so. Visitors can bring their tea and snacks here to enjoy the view around picnic tables. At the cafe selling strawberry made product.


sam poh cameron

(4) Sam Poh Temple

Location: Brinchang town
Entrance: Free




Sam Poh Temple is a Buddhist Temple located in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. To understand Buddhist religion culture, here is the best place to visit. The temple is free to enter but remember to keep quiet and remove your shoe while entering the temple.


time tunnel gallery

(5) Time Tunnel, Cameron Highland

Opening: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Entrance:  RM5 per Adult / RM3 per child
Location: Along the main road between Brinchang and Kea Farm


The time tunnel is the memorabilia museum in Cameron Highlands. Walk through the Time Tunnel, feel like back to 60s living conditions. The time tunnel build in a long passageway that loops to the end with exhibits along the sides or nested within recesses. Walkthrough the passageway, many display at the side are popular culture and now become collectibles.



(6) Lavender Farm

Opening: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Location: Tringkap, Cameron Highland
GPS Coordinate: 4.526774, 101.426226
Admission: RM6 per Adult / RM4 per Child


The Lavender Farm in Cameron Highland is one of the multitude farms. It’s impressive sea of flowers and possibly the most massive one too in Cameron Highland. Lavender Farm also a good spot for your wedding photo. There are some nice & lovely decoration in the farm.

There are many hotel in Cameron Highlands and increasing year by year. From budget to 5-star luxury hotel are available in Cameron Highland. Here is an idea for you to choose your “right” accommodation.

Majority accommodation located in Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Of course there are few hotels selection in Ringlet or Kea Farm area too. If you are not self driving to Cameron Highland, Tanah Rata of Brinchang is an ideal place for you.

Tanah Rata is most popular to stay in Cameron Highlands with its huge spread of hotels and proximity to endless restaurant and tour providers. It’s easy access to other destination since the main bus station locate in heart of Tanah Rata town.

Brinchang is 4KM north from the Tanah Rata town. Its also has plenty of hotels, though most places are targeted at local tourist. The more local tourist area means that, the more local food available in here. Every weekend or any public holidays in Malaysia, there is a local night market in Brinchang. You have more food selection here compare staying at Tanah Rata.

If you are driving to Cameron Highland, try to go further far from the town area. Along the way from Tanah Rata to Brinchang, few luxury hotel located at the road side etc: Cameron Highland Resort, Smoke House, Hotel Casa dela Rosa and others. Those hotels overlooking at the golf course. Some good hotel selection are hidden, always search for it. Study a map before did any booking as many hotels only suited to travelers with a car.

brinchang map
Brinchang town map with some hotel location


tanah rata map
Tanah Rata Town map with some hotel marking
Tanah Rata Bus Station


Bus to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur

Buses to Cameron Highlands will depart from Puduraya bus terminal, which is located just beside the Plaza Rakyat LRT station / Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. The bus will arrived at the Tanah Rata bus terminal in Cameron Highlands.

3 bus operators going to Cameron Highlands from KL, which are Unititi Express, CS Travel and GT Express. When you reach Puduraya terminal, there will be lot’s of people coming to you and try to sell tickets to you. You should ignore them and straightaway walk to counter (You can try counter 41 or 25), because most of the time these people will mark up the price and sell to you, and worst thing is they will always said the bus departs now

Taman Negara – Cameron Highlands

There is no any public bus direct to Cameron Highlands. However, some travel agents in Taman Negara do arrange daily van shuttle service. E.g Han Travel, NKS Hotel & Travel. Departing from Kuala Tahan 10AM and ticket can be purchase at Mawar Floating Restaurant, Wan Floating Restaurant, and Han Rainforest Resort with RM80-95 per person per way

Perhentian Island – Cameron Highlands

Most of the hotels in Perhentian Island selling bus ticket depart from Kuala Besut Jetty at 1000AM to Cameron Highland via Gua Musang. The journey take 5 hours and cost around RM80 – RM95 per person per way

Self Drive

Self drive is an good option. Nowadays you can easily rent a car from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). With the smart phone technology, you can download offline GPS map to guide you the way to Cameron Highlands. There is 3 entrance to Cameron Highland which is Tapah, Simpang Pulai, Sungai Goyan.

Via Tapah – Take this route if you are travelling from the south. On the North-South Expressway (NSE), follow the signboard to Ipoh direction. Then exit 132 to Tapah. Tapah is an old road and the road condition is a long winding road. There is no any petro station along the way from Tapah – Cameron Highlands. You will reach at Tanah Rata

Via Simpang Pulai – This is the faster way if you travelling from the North, Penang. You shouls take on the North-South Expressway (NSE), follow the signboard to Ipoh direction. Road condition is good, its wider and less windy compare with Tapah. Kota Bahru – Cameron Highlands, you should drive to Gua Musang 3 hours. From Gua Musang there is a red signboard show you the way to Cameron Highland. Another 2 hours drive. In the end, you will reach Kampung Raja and few more min to reach Brinchang

Via Sungai Goyan – A new road built on year 2010. Its connecting to the east coast. Travelling from Kuantan or Taman Negara. You should follow signboard to Kuala Lipis at the begining. When you reach Kuala Lipis a red signboard are clearly show the way to Cameron Highland. You will reach at Ringlet and few more mins drive to Tanah Rata.


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