April 08, 2019 Boat service from Kuala Tembeling Jetty – Taman Negara start operate as usual. Boat Schedule: Kuala Tembeling Jetty – Taman Negara Departure by 0130PM (Friday by 0200PM) Boat Schedule: Taman Negara – Kuala Tembeling Jetty Departure by: 0900AM

Wildlife Department had announced Canopy Walkway (Tree Top Walk) closed for renovation start effect on 15 DEC 2018 Any re-open date had announced, we will update again.   Please be inform that the Canopy Walkway, Taman Negara will be resume its operation starting 26th March 2018. Operating hours as below Monday – Webnesday: 0900AM – 1500PM Thursday: Closed Saturday – Sunday: 0900AM – 1500PM Public Holiday: 0900AM – 1500PM (Maximum number allow in a day: 600 MAX)

Canopy Walkway – hanging bridge closed from 2 March 2018 until further notice. The cable on the Canopy Walkway bridge is began to break the traces and not safe for tourist to visit. For safety reason, Wildlife Department, Taman Negara decide to close the Canopy Walkway for renovation. The renovation could be take about 30 days.  

Start effective on 01 March 2018 Due on safety issue, the canopy walkway (tree top walk) are limit number of people visit in a day (Max 600 pax) and some adjustment opening & closing time as below Every Thursday – Close Mon – Wed: 0900AM – 0300PM Friday: 0900AM – 1200PM Sat – Sun: 0900AM – 0300PM

Best Places for Visit in Malaysia If countries were awarded for diversity, Malaysia would top first place. Not only is Malaysia a melting pot of ethnic cultures, but it is also a blend of many different customs, cuisines and religions all coexisting peacefully together. From large island groups to mountains, fertile highlands and tropical rainforest, the country’s geography is every bit as diverse. What’s more, Malaysia is a unique country in that is divided into two main landmasses. West Malaysia