Best Time to Come Taman Negara

Best Time to Come Taman Negara

Rainforest in here, we got another meaning, “Rain for Rest”

The climate in Malaysia is generally hot and humid throughout the year. Malaysia only have 2 season which is dry and wet. Daily temperatures range between 22’C – 32’C. This also same in Taman Negara.

Febuary to June
Rainfall usually at night but still the best time to come Taman Negara. Because less visitor in Taman Negara. Easy to get room and spot for wildlife. Any trekking trip is recommended.

July – September (Dry Season)
Dry season it’s means hot season too. Day time temperatures can reach up to 33’C, drink more water. In the afternoon, is good to join some water activities: Rapid Shooting & Lata Berkoh. Visitor in Taman Negara start to increase from July and August is the peek period, better to book any accommodation in advance.

Octorber – November (Starting wet season)
Low season, rainfall during evening or mid-night. Sometimes it’s happen rain during day time but usually it stop after 30min – 1hrs. Not the actual monsoon yet. Any trekking trip would recommend bring a insetc repellent to avoid leech come to you.

December – January (Monsoon Season)
Here is what i say “Rain for Rest”. By my experience, the biggest rainfall is after mid of December until next year mid of January. Usually it’s raining for few day and you only got 1 sunny day in a week. Personally not recommend come to Taman Negara in between 15 Dec – 15 Jan. Canopy Walkway will close because of heavy rain, water level raise up to a danger level.

In the rain forest, a reasonable level of personal comfort is essential. The weather is typically hot and humid, with a chance of rain, while nights and early morning can be quite cool. Make sure you have suitable clothing for trekking and warm clothes for sleeping in.

When in the peak season in Taman Negara?:
December – Febuary: Low Season
March – May: Medium Season
June – September: High Season
Octorber – November: Medium Season

Some people think come to visit Taman Negara in a low season should be cheap on everything. Of course you can get a cheap room but not others. Because most of the adventurous tour running here are base on sharing cost (Join Tour). In a low season is hard to get peoples to join in the same tour with you. But in a high season, you are easy to find peoples join you for sharing the cost.

Normal Water Level

flood in taman negara

Flood in Taman Negara during monsoon season

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