Things to do in Taman Negara –  a lot of nature adventure activity. You can join the local ground tour offer by the local operator. Find your best spot to camp and fishing. Trek into the deep jungle or else chill up at the best river scenario at Sungai Tahan.

(1) Local Ground Tour

There is total 8 usual activities organize by the local. Canopy Walkway, Jungle Trekking, Rapid Shooting, Visit Orang Asli Village, Night Jungle Walk, Night Safari, Boat trip to Lata Berkoh, and 2D 1N Inner Jungle Trip. Most the the tour are base on join tour concept. If you wish to have a private tour, you might need to inquiry at the Wildlife Department to hire your own personal guide.

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(2) Overnight in a cave – Inner Jungle Trip

Take a deep jungle trek. Experience the nature in the wild. Nothing is better than this. This is one of the highlight trip. Read More>>


(3) Stay at Observation Hide

Observation Tower in Malay name “Bumbung“. There are total 6 bumbung in Taman Negara, Bumbung Tahan, Bumbung Kumbang, Bumbung Cegar Anjing, Bumbung Yong, Bumbung Blau, and Bumbung Tabing. The use of the Bumbung is to observe wildlife at the night. You can overnight in any bumbung except Bumbung Tahan. To reserve a place to stay in the bumbung, you have to book at the wildlife department. No early reservation accept, only can reserve it at the same day or 1 day before.

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things to do in taman negara

(4) Camping in Taman Negara

Taman Negara is one of the suitable place to camp. There are total of 4 designated camp sites in Taman Negara. The sites in the Park are hides with bunks for campers to spend the night. For amateur campers, Mutiara camp site andDakili camp site is suitable for you. There are proper toilet & bathroom. Spot light on the site and many restaurant are close by. Those camping ground is on grass land and few steps to the river.

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